Tarot Offerings



Here are a few of the taror related commissions I offer! 



I am fascinated by the relashionships between pairs of cards, here are some ways I would love to explore them with you! 



I will pull two cards for you, and will send you a picture and a short prose paragraph, exploring the relashionship between two cards.


You can specify what kinf od area/ question you want me to concentrate on! I can do this reading with the centenial Smith-Waite, the Uusi pagan otherworld, or my own Tarot of Devotion. 



" The wolf looks into the water, there is a sun there, alive, moving, different that the one in the sky. Maybe they can taste it a little, in the stream. The pilgrim is praying. The candle, they can see, is not fire at all, but light flickering in water. The silence in the cathedral is like that at the bottom of the ocean, and it weighs upon them like waves upon waves. They covered themselves in a veil, and if there are other pilgrims about they are but whispers ands scraps of muslin, floating on drafts. Leaves drifts through the watery sun, notes on a staff that only the wise green wolf can read. They knows the alphabet of the world, and all the subtle signs hidden in the patterns of branches and the flight of birds. They are an old being, shaped by listening. The eyes of the pilgrim are full of golden sparks. They can taste them, they thinks, on their tongue. They sigh in relief. This moment was fought for. They had to bend time to steal this moment away from the rush of life, bend their back to protect the little flame, bend their mind to listen to the whispers of the gods. Above them the rose window is like a sun, broken, exploded, made into fractals by many believers, and the many different suns they bear in their hearts. How noisy is the silence, in a temple. Still, they think they can hear. It is not an answer yet, but it is a beginning. Not a melody but a note, clear, a silver bell in their chest, ringing with the old bronze voice of the cathedral. The wolf walks away quiet and content. Humans are clumsy, they know, but one day they might just learn to listen. "



I will pull two cards for you, and I will create artwork that blend the two cards. 



+ A scan of the artwork and a short written explanation.

+ A print of the artwork (A5) sent to your home.  


Slidding scale : 60€-90€





Art commissions tailored to your needs. 



If you have a specific card/pairing that you would like drawn for you! We can discusse topics, size, colours etc... 


Includes a scan and a print of the artwork, sent to your home! 


Starting at 60€


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