Enter the forest, soak in its wisdom.


They of the Forest lean against a tree. Their hair tangles in the branches, they are part of the trees and the trees part of them. They reach for a fruit. It it they can taste the earth, the branches, the leaves, the golden light that falls through the canopy, each part of the delicious rich taste.

Forests are old, full of a wisdom that is hard to access. As you walk, you can feel it. A forest is a living beast, the parts of which all work together. Breath in. They are whispers in the air that you can’t understand, but you can taste their beauty. Know that you are part of a whole, in ways both obvious and deeply mysterious.


What the forest offers you : Knowledge, wisdom, harmony.

What the forest wants you to ask : What am I doing to bring more balance to my life? What pieces of wisdom am I ignoring? Do I listen to what wisdom the universe presents me with?  Am I taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the world, and its intricate workings?